Friday, November 11, 2011

Write about writing

"Write about writing" I was told, when I asked what I would do with a blog.  I know precious little about writing. 

I know that when the mood hits me, writing can be fun.

I know that I like hearing lovely words of praise.  (But, really - who doesn't?)

I know that I like getting constructive criticism to help me improve.

It started as...I don't know, not quite a joke, but a silly Facebook post from Marina that said "Zombie haiku. Feel free to join in."  The lightbulb flashed on, and I joined in.  That was the first 8 verses of the Zombie Haiku that's on here.  The next day, it was all I could think about.  So it got longer.

Then it was:
"We should all write Halloween stories!!  I'll post them on my blog!" from Jaye. 
"But Jaye, I wouldn't know what to write about."
"Write about cannibalistic faeries.  Make it a love story.  Oh, and it needs a duck."
A love story about cannibalistic faeries with a duck??  How the heck was that going to work?  Oh, wait....  and that became The Red Band

But, see, Marina and Jaye actually write.  Jaye is a published author, Marina has a collection of short stories for the Kindle.  For sale, not for free.  And people have purchased them!!  Who am I?  At the moment, I feel a little like a wannabe, riding their coattails. 

I am learning a few things as I go:
- that I like to have an idea kicking around in my head, waiting for the little bit of something to make it sing.
- that it feels pretty good when something comes together nicely.
- that I have a bit of a twisted mind when it comes to some things.
- that other authors are amazing people, not territorial like I think I was expecting.
- that sometimes, you need to write; it doesn't matter what else you try to do, nothing goes right until you do.

So it appears that I write less (much less) about the technical processes of writing, and more about my discoveries as I write.

I can live with that.


  1. Hey, Kelly! Love your blog. Keep writing!

  2. Thanks, Jaye!! Apparently, I'm keeping on...I'm playing with my very own idea!! :)